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Welcome to ~PoetryToTheMasses' weekly feature.

Each week I will feature one poem suggested by deviants with some information about the poem and the poet. I will also include links to two other suggested poems which you can read if you wish.

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A Love Song - William Carlos Williams

Suggested by ~airehkah

What have I to say to you
When we shall meet?
I lie here thinking of you.

The stain of love
Is upon the world.
Yellow, yellow, yellow,
It eats into the leaves,
Smears with saffron
The horned branches that lean
Against a smooth purple sky.

There is no light—
Only a honey-thick stain
That drips from leaf to leaf
And limb to limb
Spoiling the colours
Of the whole world.

I am alone.
The weight of love
Has buoyed me up
Till my head
Knocks against the sky.

See me!
My hair is dripping with nectar—
Starlings carry it
On their black wings.
See, at last
My arms and my hands
Are lying idle.

How can I tell
If I shall ever love you again
As I do now?

This poem was first published in Poems 1916. The poet said about this poem that he "was thinking of Demuth's picture of the sky over the horizon."

William Carlos Williams was born September 17, 1883 in Rutherford, NJ, in the United States. He was a poet associated with modernism and imagism. He died in Rutherford, NJ, March 4, 1963.

What is falling into love?
Falling into love is like falling into-
A deep ravine
Not being able to climb out
And scrabbling at the walls,

Falling into love is like falling into-
An endless maze
Screaming, searching
For a way out.

Falling into love is like falling into-
The deepest sea
Going nowhere
Nothing for miles

Falling into love is like falling into-
An oven
Warm and inviting
But burning

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Artist's comments:

This poem was submitted August 28, 2010.

~Kai-weallscream, or Kate, is from the United Kingdom and has been on deviantART since Oct 4, 2009.


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