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Welcome to ~PoetryToTheMasses' weekly feature.

Each week I will feature one poem suggested by deviants with some information about the poem and the poet. I will also include links to two other suggested poems which you can read if you wish.

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To His Coy Love - Michael Drayton

Suggested by ~airehkah

I pray thee, leave, love me no more,   
 Call home the heart you gave me!   
I but in vain that saint adore   
 That can but will not save me.   
These poor half-kisses kill me quite— 
 Was ever man thus servèd?   
Amidst an ocean of delight   
 For pleasure to be starvèd?   
Show me no more those snowy breasts   
 With azure riverets branchèd,
Where, whilst mine eye with plenty feasts,   
 Yet is my thirst not stanchèd;   
O Tantalus, thy pains ne'er tell!   
 By me thou art prevented:   
'Tis nothing to be plagued in Hell, 
 But thus in Heaven tormented.   
Clip me no more in those dear arms,   
 Nor thy life's comfort call me,   
O these are but too powerful charms,   
 And do but more enthral me!
But see how patient I am grown   
 In all this coil about thee:   
Come, nice thing, let my heart alone,   
 I cannot live without thee!

I'm afraid I was unable to find any information on this poem.

Michael Drayton was born in 1563 and was an English poet. He was favoured in the court of Queen Elizabeth I but rudely rejected by her successor, James I. He died 23 December 1631.



Suggested by ~airehkah

I thought raw truth might move them.
I thought…
     sincerity might make a difference.
But against an onslaught of misunderstanding there is no defense.
I'm called names.
I'm told I can't defend myself...
     even while I'm fighting back.
Why do I continue?
     Because that is what I do,
           that's what we do.
           When the people out there tell us we are unworthy
                  of compassion, respect—
           when they tell us we are nothing
           and don't deserve to even be here,
                 do we crawl up and die?
                 Do we cut our precious selves in defiance?

     The only choice,
           the only reason to continue,
           is the truth:
                 We are all the children of Creation,
                 and despite those who can offer nothing
                       but a reason to die,
                       a reason to hurt what we are,
                       a reason to leave 
                       and never show our brilliance,
                 we have something to offer; we have beauty within us.
                 And we must fight and fight and fight
                             and show it to all who doubt.

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Artist's comments:
This poem was submitted August 20, 2011.

*DerelictVampire has been on deviantART since May 16, 2011.


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